Ayumu sets to work at weather-hit Assen

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In Assen the weather often affects the race weekend and this year the tradition has been respected. In fact, the first day of practice was held with the track wet by violent rain showers, falling until a few minutes before the start of the morning session.

In free practice 1 Ayumu ranked seventeenth, in part due to his not perfect state of health, on account of the fracture of his collarbone. In Free Practice 2 temperatures dropped by a few degrees and on the ground were recorded 22oC, While in the air 20oC. It stopped raining long before the start of the session and this allowed the drivers to get on track with much better conditions.

Ayumu in FP2 had a great improvement, as he managed to remove almost five seconds from his best lap of FP1. 1’50.789 is the time obtained in free practice 2, with which he claimed fifteenth in the combined ranking, with a delay of 1,298 seconds from the leader.

“It was a decent day in wet conditions and I felt good on the bike. I took a little bit fewer risks than I usually do as I still have the injury so I took it easy. Looks like tomorrow is a dry condition, so today I was just focussing on my pace and my feeling. Maybe Sunday will be wet again and for that, we were focussing on the setup. Overall I felt good and I am happy. We will focus on having a good qualifying tomorrow and let’s see what the weather is going to be on Sunday.”